Appraisals and Consultations

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Personal property often requires a formal appraisal to aid in obtaining insurance, settling a claim, determining estate tax liability, documenting a charitable donation, outlining equitable distribution, supporting a financial plan, or preparing for resale. Other times you may simply be curious about what you have and its value. I can help with all of these!

How I can help

My path to personal property appraisals has roots in academia. I earned a degree in History from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1995 and soon after began working with various literary societies, institutions and auction houses as an authenticator and appraiser of antiques, artifacts, books, fine art, and regular estates. I have worked with items spanning thousands of years of history in institutional and private settings, and I am ready to put this experience to work for you!

Value discovery, estate planning, and risk mitigation

Accurate identification and evaluation are vital because they help determine the best approach to protecting your personal property. Sometimes items are believed to hold special significance or value owing to family lore – but lack formal provenance or documentation. In this case, a value discovery consultation may be all you want or need.

It is vital to remember that average homeowner insurance policies are generally not enough to cover better antiques, fine art, or rare books against full or partial loss. Obtaining a USPAP-compliant appraisal is the vital first step to effectively protecting your property. Naturally, formal appraisals are used to document charitable donations for the IRS, help determine estate tax liability, aid in equitable distribution, and generally help guard against unscrupulous resale agents or other potentially difficult situations. I am also available as an expert witness.

Let’s be certain your estate plan addresses immediate needs and long-term goals.

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