Appraisals and Consultations

Covid-19 response:

The local stay-at-home order has us keeping our distance, but now is a great time to contact me for a free no-obligation preliminary evaluation about your items to help determine your direction after we get through this difficult period!

The Value of History specializes in the evaluation, review and formal appraisal of personal property across several categories including Fine Art, Antiques, Rare and Antiquarian Books, Historical Artifacts and Estate Collections.

reportPersonal property often needs a USPAP-compliant appraisal for obtaining insurance, settling an insurance claim, determining IRS estate tax liability, documenting a non-cash charitable contribution, outlining equitable distribution in the event of death or divorce, in support of long-term financial planning, or as an expert witness. Whether it’s a single item, collection or an entire estate, I have an appraisal or consultation option to address your needs and long-term goals.

Value Discovery and Risk Mitigation

I work regularly with trust officers, philanthropic giving directors, and insurance agents to discreetly address their clients’ needs in a variety of situations and environments.

With values currently rising for fine art and better antiques, it is important to remember that your homeowner insurance policy may not protect your significant assets against loss or damage. Accurate identification and evaluation are cornerstones of USPAP compliant appraisals – your first and best step toward protecting your personal property.

Click on the tabs above for more information about my specialty areas. Give me a call at (816) 289-5400 to discuss the kind of appraisal or consultation that is right for you, or send me an email.

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