212aI offer appraisals and consultations for most kinds of general collectibles, entertainment memorabilia, from vintage movie posters and collectible vinyl to Star Wars toys.

How do I prepare for an appraisal?
Organization is the key to saving you money. Prior to making any commitment, I will advise you of steps you can take to expedite the process.

Do you provide appraisal services for a single item?
Yes, I can help you with a single item or entire estate, business or collection. While no project is too big or too small, if the item(s) you’d like appraised do not warrant the work or expense, I will let you know up front.

How do you charge to appraise my items?
Fees for appraisal services are charged by the hour for small projects or by a negotiated project fee for larger collections, archives or estates. The fee will include on-site inspection, assessment, research time and final appraisal report.

Verbal appraisals and consultations are also available for those seeking only guidance or basic information about their collection. Give me a call at (816) 289-5400 or email me and let’s get started!

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